Psychotherapy and Counseling in English Warsaw

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Psychotherapy and Counseling in English

For all English speaking foreigners Ogrody Zmian offer counseling and therapy in English. Our English speaking psychologists have training in cross-cultural psychology and are available for individual, couple or family therapy as well as for counseling.

For those of you having trouble with the Polish reality and acculturation, raising children in a new culture and a new educational system, getting along with Polish colleagues, partners or family, we offer counseling, support and cultural trainings.

With all other interpersonal or intra personal problems, our English speaking psychologists are available for individual, couple or family counseling and therapy appointments. We all work under supervision and are members of Polish leading professional associations.

We are available in two locations in Warsaw

  • Saska Kępa, ul. Dąbrowiecka 32 apt 6 (please arrive on time as there is no waiting room available)
  • Międzylesie, Al. Dzieci Polskich 20, in Hotel Patron building (waiting room available)


Bartosz Szymczyk
Bartosz SzymczykPsychologist
Psychologist, MA in clinical psychology and cross-cultural psychology, academic Research and Teaching Assistant, working on PhD thesis in psycholinguistics at the Polish Accademy of Science. Trained (a 5 year postgraduate program) in individual and family psychotherapy. Member of Polish Psychological Association, Polish Psychiatric Association and Families in Global Transition Research Network. Works with couples, families and individuals.
Anna Owczarska-Osinska
Anna Owczarska-OsinskaPsychologist
Psychologist and a French philologist, MA in cross-cultural psychology, chief elect of ATD Poland (anti-poverty charity organization) and a partner of European Union Anti Poverty Network. Completed a 4 year psychotherapy program in INTRA Institute, atested by the Polish Psychological Association. Has personal experience of living abroad in other cultures with her family. Partner of Polish State Program for Poles returning from emigration. Works in English as a co-therapists with couples and families. Also works in French.
Magdalena Smelkowska
Magdalena SmelkowskaPsychologist
MA in psychology; a graduate of Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2 faculties: clinical psychology and social psychology in English (studies lead in English); a member of Polish Society of Existential Psychotherapy. Since 2007 she has been attending a psychotherapeutic training in Existential Analysis lead by prof. Alfried Laengle, a president of the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. She works with adults and offers counselling as well as individual psychotherapy.

Call us for an appointment at +48 502 510 037.
English speaking psychology trained person answers this number.

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