We have worked with English speaking people from these countries:

COVID-19 Information and Informed consent

Due to the announced state of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recommendations of sanitary experts and the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Psychiatric Association, until the epidemic is under control, it is suggested that consultations, psychotherapy sessions and psychological assistance take place online via tele-therapy means.

We recommend such sessions to our patients and people thinking about undertaking psychological help. We work on Zoom, Skype, Meet, Hangouts, Whatsapp and other platforms in order to provide the best experience possible.

From 15/06/2020 we reopen the possibility of sessions in the office. Such meetings during a pandemic are at risk of transmitting the SARS-CoV-19 virus, which we are now making you aware of.

Each client has to read and agree to sign the Informed Consent.

W recommend once again staying in or starting online sessions with us.

Instructions for taking sessions in the office during the COVID-19 pandemic

1) Come to the Center about the time of the session. If you are earlier, wait in the car or outside, avoid using the waiting room unless necessary.

2) Take a mask with you. Put it on before entering the office. Always have it on when in the shared space.

3) After entering the Center, disinfect your hands. The therapist, even if he has had the habit of shaking your hand so far, will now welcome you in a different way due to the pandemic situation.

4) If you want to use the toilet, use hand and surface disinfectants.

5) Take water in a bottle with you if you would like to drink.

6) Hand disinfectants and disposable masks are available in the office.

7) The session may take place in a different room than before.

8) Make the payment for the session by bank transfer before the session

9) In the event of fever, dry cough, fatigue or other symptoms of COVID-19 or in the event of contact with a person carrying the SARS-CoV-19 virus, immediately inform the therapist.

Psychotherapy and Counseling in English

For all English speaking foreigners Ogrody Zmian offer counselling, parenting counselling and therapy in English. Our English speaking psychologists have training in cross-cultural psychology and are available for individual, couple or family therapy as well as for counselling, including parenting issues.

For those of you having trouble with the Polish reality and acculturation, raising children in a new culture and a new educational system, getting along with Polish colleagues, partners or family, we offer counselling, support and cultural trainings.

With all other interpersonal or intra personal problems, our English speaking psychologists are available for individual, couple or family / parenting counselling and therapy appointments. We all work under supervision and are members of Polish leading professional associations.

English speaking psychotherapists and counselling psychologists:

Karolina Isio-Kurpińska
Karolina Isio-KurpińskaPsychotherapist, couple therapist
Psychotherapist and couple therapist, completed a four-year psychotherapy training program at the School of Psychotherapy of the INTRA Psychological Education and Assistance Centre (recommendation of the Polish Psychological Association), trained in Emotion Focused Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples. Member of International Society for Emotion Focused Therapy and World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling.

Works with individuals and couples in difficult life situations, such as the loss of a loved one, major life changes, new family situations, relational difficulties, anxiety, sadness, depression. Offers perinatal and parenting counselling.

Bartosz Szymczyk
Bartosz SzymczykPsychologist, psychotherapist, couple and family therapist
Psychologist, MA in clinical psychology and cross-cultural psychology. Trained (a 5 year postgraduate program) in individual, couple and family psychotherapy. Member of the Polish Psychological Association, the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Families in Global Transition Research Network. Works with couples, families and individuals. Has experience in teaching and research at the Warsaw International School in Psychology, the University of Warsaw and at the University of SWPS, Warsaw. Working on PhD thesis in psycholinguistics at the Polish Academy of Science. Trained in attachment parenting counselling and perinatal counselling.
Alicja Heering-Adamczewska
Alicja Heering-AdamczewskaPsychologist, parenting counsellor
Psychologist, graduated from the Institute of Psychology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University (MA). She completed training of the Attachment Parenting for Professionals and is participating in the Agnieszka Stein’s and Gosia Stańczyk’s Consultation School for Psychologists.

In Ogrody Zmian, she conducts parenting and educational consultations, educational workshops for parents and teachers as well as provides psychological support for adolescents.

Her work is based on the Attachment Parenting and Non-violent Communication approaches. She works in Polish and English.

Magdalena Smelkowska
Magdalena SmelkowskaPsychologist, psychotherapist
MA in psychology; a graduate of Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2 faculties: clinical psychology and social psychology in English (studies lead in English); a member of Polish Society of Existential Psychotherapy. Since 2007 she has been attending a psychotherapeutic training in Existential Analysis lead by prof. Alfried Laengle, a president of the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. She works with adults and offers counselling as well as individual psychotherapy.

We offer counselling, psychotherapy, couple therapy and family therapy at reasonable prices:

Type of service Length of a session Price
Individual Counselling session 50 minutes 210 PLN
Individual Psychotherapy session 50 minutes 210 PLN
Individual Psychotherapy session 80 minutes 300 PLN
Family or Couple Counselling or Therapy session 50 minutes 250 PLN
Family or Couple Counselling or Therapy session 80 minutes 330 PLN

Our locations:

Ogrody Zmian Saska Kępa


ul. Dąbrowiecka 32 m 6, I floor
03-906 Warszawa

There is only small waiting room available- please arrive on time

Ogrody Zmian Międzylesie


Al. Dzieci Polskich 20
Warszawa 04-730

We are in a part of IPCZD Hospital (Child’s Health Centre Memorial Hospital), near the Patron Hotel. Waiting room available.

Call us for an appointment at +48 502 510 037
English speaking psychology trained person answers this number.

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We also recommend the service of our colleague who works independently in the Hague, the Netherlands and online:

Mirjam Tiel van Buul